About Us

In June 2005 SiliconCantera, Inc. was formed through the merger of two independent recruiting firms, Silicon Solutions and Cantera Systems, who happened to carry the same ideal that "ethical recruiting should not be a contradiction." From that point on SiliconCantera, Inc emerged as a firm devoted to each individual Client and Candidate, ensuring that each aspect of their business be carried out both ethically and honestly. We hope that this ethical approach will allow us to move from being just a service to a devoted partnership, so that we can help with the growth of your Company or Career.


John Havranek
The Founder of Cantera Systems before the merge that created SiliconCantera, Inc. John earned a BA in Architecture from Rice University. Ten years ago, after working in the retail industry, John moved in to Recruiting/Consulting for the IT industry. His most recent specialty is Oil & Gas Recruiting with experience in Sales and Accounting as well.