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John Havranek

Over 20 years of progressive experience in the Search Industry. Started on the ground floor as an entry level recruiter and business development specialist, progressing all the way through to the leadership in all aspects of Recruiting, Sales, HR, and Operations.

Has built and lead teams of recruiters and business development specialists in fast paced environments. Can lead recruiting teams scattered around the US along while integrating with offshore outsourcing teams as needed. Extensive search experience in multiple disciplines including Oil & Gas/Energy, Accounting, IT, Health Care/Medical, Sales, and Operational positions. Searches have ranged from the C Suite all the way down to mid-level, for both technical and non-technical positions. Most recently consulted with a client to built up a failing Talent Acquisition Department for a medical startup company.

Has the ability to utilize all the technology available to find top talent while realizing that recruiting is a people business and that the ability to communicate properly with all stakeholders is key. Very knowledgeable in all types of HR Issues including but not limited to EEOC, Work Visas, insurance, and on boarding. An Eagle Scout from Greenwich, Connecticut and a Graduate of Rice University's School of Architecture.