"Our success rate with SiliconCantera, Inc has been approximately 1 1/2 hires for every 3 interviews. This is making a tremendous impact on the success of our organization in a tight labor market. I recommend SiliconCantera to all of my peers in the Human Resources field."
Diana Gorham
Regional HR Manager- US Manufacturing and Engineering

"SiliconCantera, Inc brought a high degree of professionalism and objectivity to our recruiting and staffing process at Intec Engineering. Their objectivity as a third party source has served the process well, from the initial screenings to the final interviews. Having an outside source to conduct key searches and report the results from an HR perspective helped bring many important issues to light. I know John Havranek and SiliconCantera will continue to be a marvelous resource for us and help to make key searches easier for us in a highly competitive market."
John Lella

"The quality of applicants presented to our company and the positive communication from the staff at SiliconCantera are exceptional. When we requested additional information or assistance about an applicant we always received a rapid response."
Bill A.
International Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company

"I am very pleased with the quality of Candidates and customer based focus that SiliconCantera provided to our company. We came to them with a hard to fill position; they took the time to truly understand what we needed and they responded quickly and accurately, which resulted in our company hiring an exceptional Candidate."

"After using John Havranek, now Co-Owner of SiliconCantera to find a position in 1998, I went on to use them (John) to hire 20 or 30 employees. He displayed the kind of energy, enthusiasm and attention to detail that is rare in a recruiter. His knowledge of the hiring process was invaluable in filling the positions. In many cases, time was critical and he moved faster than any other staffing professional I have worked with in the past.

John and SiliconCantera have made a clear effort to understand the job requirements as well as the type of individual and necessary soft skills that I seek when hiring. They carefully screened candidates before sending them to me, therefore removing much of the time and effort I normally would have to expend."
Mark Zimmer